Welcome to the Colorado West Gun Club

Due to a misunderstanding, scheduled activities for CWGC at the Stengel range have been suspended until a resolution can be achieved.  We believe this to be a temporary situation, and continue to retain all of our accreditations and affiliations with NRA, CMP and other organizations, as well as club benefits not directly related to the facility.  We intend to remain active and enjoy opportunities to recreate as a club in a variety of ways. Inquiries regarding any club matter, including memberships, may be directed to the club secretary at cwgc.sec@gmail.com  or mailed to CWGC PO Box 992 Hotchkiss CO  81419.

This page will be regularly updated with news and activities- check back often.


February Club Meeting will on the 12th at Memorial Hall in Hotchkiss at 7:30pm; we will be electing new officers for the year. 


New officers were elected at our last meeting, members will receive details in the upcoming newsletter.  Ideas for club activities are solicited and should be submitted to the club secretary.  We are looking forward to a fun year.