Thank you for visiting our website; the members of CWGC welcome your interest & participation and hope you will choose to join with us in the enjoyment of the various shooting sports opportunities we offer here in beautiful western Colorado.  Membership in the club is easy and affords many benefits, we hope you will review the information provided in the membership information area of this site.  See you on the range.

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Hotchkiss Action Pistol

Our current HP rifle program is limited to the 100 yard range while improvements are being made to facilities adjacent to the 1000 yd range.  In the meantime we are offering National Match courses of fire on reduced scale targets used to simulate 200, 300 and 600 yard distances.  The 1k range remains available for personal use.

For more information about matches, contact

For more information about personal use, contact Casey (970) 872-3748


Chris (970) 210-1704

Stengel’s Trap & Skeet ranges are available for casual use; contact Casey (970) 872-3748 or Chris (970) 210-1704


HAP matches are an “outlaw” variety containing elements from both of the big two organizations in the US action pistol shooting world; if you are familiar with either you will not be too out of place shooting a HAP match.  We use the time + penalties scoring system and standard cardboard silhouettes with an 8” center ring.  Stage designs are limited only by our imaginations and you will find lots of targets like Texas Star, Polish Plate Rack, Poppers, Drop Turn, Max-Trap and all the expected steel & other activated paper in use.  That said, if you are new to action pistol shooting we are most welcoming and will do our best to make you comfortable and ensure that your first match with us will be informative, safe, fun and leave you excited for more.  

For more information about Hotchkiss Action Pistol, contact John at

970-872-4994  jtmyrtle@gmail.com

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