Stengel Habitat Area Ranges

"Casey" Stengel

CWGC utilizes the facilities known as the Stengel State Habitat Area (SSHA) located in Hotchkiss, CO.
Some of the various shooting opportunities available at SSHA include:  

  • Five concrete bench-rests with target butts at 25, 50, 100, 200 and 317 yards

  • 50 yard archery bay

  • Skeet field

  • Trap field

  • NRA PPC range with a steel falling plate rack

  • Six bays for pistol or multi-gun matches.  Two of these bays have covered firing lines; one is compatible with 50 yard small bore and the other has 12 targets frames at 100 yards for reduced distance NRA High Power matches or other rifle disciplines.  

  • Long Range shooting area with 12 firing positions and covered target pits:  This range is set up for NRA High Power across-the-course matches, NRA F-Class/Palma out to 1000 yards, and five position 1000 yard Bench Rest matches. Long-range enthusiasts can shoot out to 1900 yards.

     This range is used by the Friends of Billy Dixon long-range black powder rifle

     organization contact Dave (

  • Cowboy shooters enjoy the SASS affiliated Black Canyon Ghost Riders ( ). 

  • Classes in Hunter Safety, Firearms Safety and Concealed Carry (CCW) qualification are held regularly.  

Most of this facility is open for use by the general public; daily use fees are $5 for those with NRA membership, $10 without.  Targets are not included.

Please review the Event Schedule for calendared activities.  


For more information about the range contact Casey (970) 872-3748 or Chris (970) 210-1704